Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 11- Posts 1-3

What have you done?

We have answered all the questions for investigation 7, completed all of the required revisions for our circuits project, and worked on some of the practice problems that I had not yet completed on circuits.

What have you learned?

We spent most of this last week catching up on work, which we had not entirely completed. Most of what we did over the last week was review. I was able to review how to find voltage and current using Ohm's Law (V=IR). I was also able to review how to find the resistance of series and parallel circuits. In series circuits, to find the total resistance, you simply add up all the resistances. In parallel circuits however, you use the formula 1/Rt= 1/R1+1/R2. I was also able to review several other things about circuits. For example, the voltage stays constant in parallel circuits.

How will this help you later on in the unit? 

This will help me because it helps me to prepare for the circuits test, which I hope to take soon. 
This will also allow for me to focus on completing work on the magnetism unit and not worry about older work. 

What I plan to do next: 

Day 1: Begin work on first lab    Home: continue work on lab

Day 2: Finish lab     Home: Create data tables and organize data

Day 3: Work on report    Home: Work on report 

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