Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week 10- Posts 1-3

What have you done?

I have completed magnetism activities 5 and 7 and ensured that all the questions from previous activities have been discussed and answered.

What have you learned? 

We have learned a number of new things this week. First of all, we learned that magnets act in a field of space rather than by direct contact. We know this because when you place a metal object near a magnet, the object is drawn to, and is often pulled toward the magnet. All of this occurs without direct contact. Second of all, we learned what ferrofluid is. It is a mixture made of nano-sized iron oxide particles submersed in oil. It too, can be magnetized, due to iron's ferromagnetic properties. That is why it is called ferrofluid.

How will this help you later on in the unit? 

The information that we have learned will help us to understand what magnetism is and its properties. This information establishes a foundation that will help us to complete the upcoming labs, that go more in-depth and need for a strong basic understanding of magnetism.

What I plan to do next: 

Day 1: Finish answering questions for investigation 7  Home: work on practice problems

Day 2: Meet with group to do revisions on Circuits project  Home: Finish Revisions

Day 3: Hand in revisions and work on practice problems  Home: Practice Problems

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