Monday, February 10, 2014

Week 9- Posts 1-3

What have you done? 

I have completed the magnetism activities 3-4 and have begun to work on revisions for the circuits project, with my partner Ray.

What have you learned? 

After completing magnetism activities 3 and 4, I have learned several new things. First of all, I learned that it is possible to temporarily magnetize objects, using magnets. If you run a magnet over another metal object several times, you are able to transfer some magnetic energy from the magnet, over to the object. You are also able to establish poles, thus temporarily magnetizing the object. I also learned that one can easily disrupt the objects magnetic qualities, just as easily as magnetizing it. If you drop the object or use it to attract other objects too much, the objects magnetic qualities are almost completely disrupted or weakened to the point that they can no longer attract or repel other metal objects.

How will what you learned help you later on in the unit 

All of what I have learned will help me to understand what magnetism is and how it works. If I am able to understand that, then I will be able to understand the unit as well as do well on the assessments. 

What you plan to do next: 

Day 1: Work on Magnetism activity 4 + answer questions  Home: finish all questions 

Day 2:  work on Magnetism Activity 5     Home: answer all questions 

Day 3: Work on Activity 6 or finish any remaining work  Home: work on redo for project

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