Saturday, January 18, 2014

Week 8- Posts 1-3

What have you done?

We have you completed the circuits project and the first two investigations on magnetism. 

What have you learned?

After completing the first two magnetism activities, we have learned a number of new things. First of all, we learned that not all metals react to magnets. While conducting the investigation, we noticed that the nickel coins did not react to the magnets. Nickel is a metal and there was not magnetic pull or push, therefor we have concluded that not all metals react to magnets. Second of all, we learned that static electricity can work in a similar fashion as magnetism. While working on the second investigation a straw charged with static could attract other objects. We also observed that two objects charged with static could repel each other.

After completing our Circuits Project this week, we learned a number of new things. First of all, we learned how to calculate the killowattage per hour of objects. We learned that the formula used for this is (Wattage x time)/1000. Second of all, we learned that insulating houses and installing energy saving light bulbs could lower the total amount of electricity used. If a home has good insulation then the heating and cooling appliances will not have to run as much and for as long, since either the heat or cold will kept in the home. Also, energy saving bulbs save energy and therefore, save electricity.

How will what you learned help you later on in the unit

All of what I have learned will help me to prepare for the upcoming tests and quizzes, for I will most likely be asked to answer questions on the topics that I have covered.

What you plan to do next:

Study everyday for at least 45 min for the final exam.

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