Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week 7- Posts 1-3

a.    Which labs, activities and/or videos have you completed?  

I have watched the first magnetism video, completed the first magnetism lab activity, and am just about wrapping up my circuits project. 

b.    What did you learn and what questions do you still need to ask? 

       Over the course of the last week, I learned a number of new things related to magnetism. First of all, I learned that magnetism is basically a force of attraction or repulsion by opposite poles. This also means that two negatives will repel just as two positives will. Also, a positive and a negative will attract. Second of all, I learned that magnets react differently to the various metals that they may come into contact with. For example, while working on investigation 1, I found that neither the regular, nor the super magnets were reacted to aluminum and copper. The magnets did, however, have a strong attraction to the steel nails. Last, I learned that the area around a magnet that has a charge is called the magnetic field ( 

     c.     How will what you learn help you to complete the projects for this unit?  
a     The information I learned over the last week has laid the foundation of my understanding of magnetism. I think that I now have a basic understanding of magnetism and that from now onwards more information relating to magnetism can be taught to me without much confusion. All that I have learned so far will help me to understand the rest of the material in the unit efficiently and without much difficulty.  
     d.    What do you plan to do next and when do you think you will complete your next step? 
      Day 1: School- complete lab activities 2-3 Home- watch second magnetism video 
      Day 2: School- complete activity 4 Home- finish circuits project, write down any questions to ask about exam  
      Day 3: School- Hand in project, ask any questions I have for exam, work on activity 5 Home- review for exam 

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