Saturday, March 22, 2014

Week 15: Posts 1-3

What I have done:

We have constructed the entire body and fan of our wind generator.

What I have learned: 
From the work that the group and I have done over the course of the last week, I have learned a number of new things. For example, I learned that the best design for a fan for a wind generator is one, which has alternating blades, that are also slightly concave. We found that having alternating blades allows for the fan to spin better, as well stay stable. Our first fan did not have alternating blades and did not spin very well, nor was it stable. Having concave blades also allows for the fan to capture air better, and therefore spin more easily. Having a fan that spins easily is essential in generating electricity because electricity is generated by the fans movement, and if there is not very much movement, then not very much electricity will be generated.

How this will help me later on in the unit. 

What we have learned will help in completing this assignment, because knowledge of the fan and its aerodynamics will be useful in the advertisement and written assignment sections. The fan's dynamics is something that can be marketed and also something which will need to be explained in latter stages of this project.

What I plan to do next: 

Day 1:  attach fan, magnet and coil    Home: brainstorm for written section

Day 2: ensure the generator is functioning    Home: ensure generator is functioning

Day 3: Begin advertisement  

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