Sunday, March 16, 2014

Week 14: Posts 1-3

What I have done: 

I have finished the reports on the magnetism labs and have begun to work on the wind generator.

What I have learned: 

I have learned a couple of new things from working on our wind generator project. First of all, we learned that in order for our generator to work, we must attach the magnet in a way such that when it moves, it moves electrons with it through a copper wire. Moving electrons through the wire will result in the creation electrical current, which is what we are aiming to produce.

How will this help me later: 

This will help us when we are attaching and magnet and the wire to the fan, and also to the rest of the generator. We will need to place the magnet and wires such that they allow for the movement of electrons through the wire, so that we can produce electrical current. This information may also help on the upcoming tests, if there are any questions regarding the construction of such generators.

Plan for next week:  

Day 1: Build base   Home: Continue on base

Day 2: Begin to build the rest of the structure

Day 3: Build fan     Home: Continue work on fan 

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