Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week 13- Posts 1-3

What I have done: 

I have finished the second lab and have nearly completed the lab report for the experiment.

What I have learned: 

I have learned a number of things by completing this experiment. I have learned that the number of revolutions per minute of the water mill has an effect on the voltage of the overall device. We found that the greater the number of  revolutions, the greater the voltage of the battery. This is because there is a magnet attached to the wheel, which is responsible for powering the lightbulb. The faster the greater the revolutions, the faster the magnet moves; the faster the magnet moves, the faster the electrons within the coil and bulb move; the faster the electrons in the bulb move, the greater the voltage.

How this will help me later in the unit: 

This will help to understand relationships that need to be known to complete the wind generator project. Without knowledge of mill wheels powering and producing energy, I will not be able to build the wind generator the project asks me to build.

What I plan to do next: 

Day 1: Finish report   Home: Finish report

Day 2: Begin work on wind generator. Start by planning and setting internal benchmarks for when work should be completed and discussed.  Home: work on project

Day 3: Begin discussing possible designs + test designs if possible    Home: obtain materials

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