Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 2 post 1

Post 1
a.     Which labs, activities and/or videos have you completed? 

     I have watched the bozeman science video. 

b.     What did you learn and what questions do you still need to ask?

      This video has taught me, more in-depth about circuits. I have learned about what the various components of circuits are, such as batteries, wires, resistors, switches, etc. I learned what their abbreviations and symbols are. For example the symbol for a battery is composed of two t's, one upside down, on top of each other with + and - signs next to each t. I also learned a little bit about bread boards and how then can use potentiometers to control the flow of electricity. Once you can control the flow, you can control the brightness of the bulb.
      The demonstrations and diagrams from the video helped me understand more of where the guy from the khan academy videos was coming from. I thought that this teacher's explanations and diagrams were clearer and easier to understand. For example, the definitions and explanations of how the various components relate to each other made my understanding much more clear after watching this video. I was able to better understand how batteries, wires, and switches work together to create a circuit. I was able to better understand how switches use air to disrupt the flow of electricity.  

c.     How will what you learn help you to complete the projects for this unit?

      I believe that this video has answered most of the questions that I had. My understanding of how circuits work and what they are made up of is much clearer. I now know how all the parts of a circuit work, and more importantly how they work together. I think this knowledge will be crucial for the lab that I am currently working on, which involves creating a simulated circuit. It will also help me in future labs and activities where I will be expected to already have a solid understanding of circuits and their components. 

d.     What do you plan to do next and when do you think you will complete your next step? 
      I plan to have the first lab completed. I also plan to watch the next few videos and complete the second lab, by early next week.

e. Questions

      I still do not fully understand why having resistors to slow down the electrons is important. I understand it controls their flow, to some extent, but why are they so important?

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