Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Week 1 Post 3

Post 3

a.     Which labs, activities and/or videos have you completed? 

      I have finished watching all of the khan academy videos on circuits. I am working on the first lab. 

b.     What did you learn and what questions do you still need to ask?

      I learned how calculate the voltage of a circuit which has multiple parallel and series resistors by putting together the formulas and my knowledge of circuits and resistors.
      I was also able to polish my skills on a how to calculate the voltage of circuits with parallel resistors as well as series resistors. The videos reinforced and refreshed all of what I learned in the previous videos on circuits. Can you also please post the khan academy video on resistivity that he was talking about in the fourth video on circuits. 

c.     How will what you learn help you to complete the projects for this unit?

      This material will has given me a pretty good understanding of what circuits are, what they are made up of, and how to calculate their voltage. Now, I will be able to apply those skills to upcoming work, especially to the circuit projects. Also I will understand what is going on in the simulations, something I would not have if I had not watched the videos. I knew close to nothing about circuits prior to watching the videos. 

d.     What do you plan to do next and when do you think you will complete your next step? 

      I plan to finish watching the videos on Bozeman science and finish the first simulation. I feel that I have been getting work done on that, but not as much as I would have liked. I will have it done before the next lesson. I will have also watched the bozeman science videos before the next lesson. 

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