Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 3 Post 1-3

a.     Which labs, activities and/or videos have you completed? 

      I have completed the lab report for the first simulation, completed two sets worksheets on circuits, watched the khan academy video on electrostatics, begun to work on the second simulation.

b.     What did you learn and what questions do you still need to ask?

     I was able to learn a number of new things this week. I learned that charge is a property that objects and particles have. I learned that there are also two types of charge. There is positive charge and negative charge. Positives repel other positives and negatives do the same to other negatives. However, positively charged particles and negatively charged particles attract.  
      I learned that charge can in fact, be measured using a unit called a Coulomb. I learned that the formula for finding charge is C= 6.24 x 10^18 e. The e stands for elementary charge, which is basically the charge of the protons or electrons. 
      The worksheets also solidified my knowledge of circuits and what we have learned about them. For example the questions on what components are needed to have a flow of electricity in a circuit reminded me that a circuit must always have a source of power and a closed conducting loop to function. The questions on the diagrams relating to this question further solidified my knowledge for it showed pictures and visuals are always important for understanding and applying concepts.
      The questions that involved definitions also helped to reinforce prior knowledge attained from watching the Khan Academy videos. They reminded me of important definitions of concepts, as well as what is important to remember for the upcoming assessments and assignments. For example, the question on where current exists reminded me that current exists whenever there is a charge moving through a loop. It also told me that this piece of information may possibly be on one of the upcoming tests or quizes  and that it is important. 

c.     How will what you learn help you to complete the projects for this unit?

      The information that I learned will allow for me to have a strong understanding of the concepts and topics of the next few projects. They will allow for me to understand what I will be asked to investigate and therefore are crucial for completing future assignments and projects. 

d.     What do you plan to do next and when do you think you will complete your next step? 
I plan to finish the second simulation by the end of week 4. 

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  1. I think I put this on a previous post, but I'll say it again in case that didn't make it. Well done, Bobby. If you would just do me a favor and include more detail in your weekly plan, particularly what you will do at home, what you will do in class and specific days you will do each thing, this would be perfect.